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add support to directly edit text, xml, script file from preview pane...

It cane save lots of time when edit some text, script , xml file etc. directly from preview pane instead of double click it edit & then save/update zip or other file..if it difficult job then please at least give EDITPLUS or other text editor integration option for preview pan for above described job....!!!!

dharmang1910, 11.10.2012, 09:26
Response from the site administrator
spwolf, 11.10.2012
Thank you, interesting idea... auto save or save button included in the toolbar?
Idea status: under consideration


dharmang1910, 11.10.2012, 12:12
yes sir,
it is good if auto save as well as save button...
or any other advanced text editor's integration support are also good idea
as well as wlx plugin that are able to edit such files in preview pane

sir here is a wlx plugin named synplus are good wlx plugin that are compatible with PA but it can't able to edit such file


so here i have upload a image about my idea

dharmang1910, 12.10.2012, 08:09
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