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Direct to SFX ZIP (encrypted) option in Window via context menu 'Compress with option' like Win-RAR have

It is EXTREMELY annoying that PowerArchiver Pro despite ecouragement to implement still have not implemented Direct to SFX ZIP (encrypted) option in Window via context menu "Compress with option" like Win-RAR have.
In Win-RAR all one have to do is to "tick" option make SFX in "with options interface" and one can make encrypted and non-ecrypted SFX files very conveniently. It is very inferior that PowerArchiver Pro does not offer the Direct to SFX option and a time waster for thos daily working with compressed files !!!!

C.J. , 11.10.2012, 09:21
Idea status: under consideration


ejmzn9, 12.10.2012, 08:43
I agree. I would actually like there to be completely customizable options for the context menu. I know we can add stuff and remove stuff from the context menus but I wish we could add stuff like "extract to folder of our choice 1", "extract to folder of our choice 2", "Compress and encrypt to 7zip with LZMA2 Ultra settings". The idea is to let us add our most frequently used options into there so we don't have to fiddle with the settings every time. If we just use the compress to 7zip option that is already available, we are stuck using the settings we used last time and I might be dealing with a different kind of file now that I want to compress differently. I wish I could set compression profiles and have them accessible from context menu.

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