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Add some explanation to 'PowerArchiver Queue' during installation.

During installation I found the option to enable or not what is called as PowerArchiver Queue, at first I had no idea what it was and I had to go to the website to get more info on it. I think it'd be useful to have a description on it by the side or when the mouse is over that option.

aphanic, 11.10.2012, 07:35
Idea status: under consideration


spwolf, 11.10.2012, 10:53
Hi, you can easily disable it in the future if not needed, from any window that uses it basically.
aphanic, 11.10.2012, 11:21
Yes, I know, but at installation time without even knowing what that option is about how would the user/client decide if he wants it activated or not?

Also, I don't know if it's the intended behaviour but when the queue system is enabled there's an icon with the text "PowerArchiver 2012" in the system tray area which doesn't have a right click menu, nor double clicking it opens the program. If that's intended I'd suggest you enhance it a bit, maybe opening PowerArchiver when double clicking or right click with a menu to disable the queue, etc.
spwolf, 11.10.2012, 11:45
What OS are you using?
aphanic, 11.10.2012, 12:06
A 64-bit Windows 7 Professional but nevermind, there must have been something interfering with it. It works properly after rebooting, now it shows the context menu and double clicking opens PowerArchiver.

Thank you anyway, regards.

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