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Allow users not to associate power archiver with file types. - when unchecking the option you are still forced to associate before installation can complete.

Whiterabbit-uk, 11.10.2012, 07:23
Idea status: under consideration


SC, 11.10.2012, 09:50
Users already have that option.
Just say no again and tick not to show anymore,or words to that effect when launching the program again.

Somehow PA2012 seems to temporarily disable RUext.dll of Revo Uninstaller and Winrar contextmenu dll files.
ConeXware, 11.10.2012, 11:01
Windows Vista/7 keeps a cache of file associations and it may associate some archives automatically. This is a Windows issue.
In our tests, PowerArchiver will not associate file types which are not selected for association upon installation.
ejmzn9, 11.10.2012, 11:50
When I installed it I was very careful to not associate it with anything and it deleted my previous file associations and left all those archives not associated with any program.
I can't say for sure that this giveaway version does that as I downloaded the version available on Softpedia first and this was a preexisting issue when installing this giveaway version after that. I downloaded the Softpedia version first due to the smaller file size which amounts to about 30 minutes of download time on my slow dialup. I wanted to be able to comment as quickly as possible due to past experiences with Idea Informer and knowing that early ideas receive many many more votes than late ones. The way the GAOTD page is set up leads to 80% to 90% of all votes going to the first 20 or so ideas submitted. Apparently not many visit the official idea informer site to view later comments. This is especially obvious when the giveaway runs for multiple days and those same 20 ideas keep piling up votes.
Cryo, 12.10.2012, 02:26
I did not have a problem with this. I simply unchecked the box to associate files during installation, and when prompted on the first run of the program asking whether to associate, I checked the box to not ask again and selected 'no'. My file associations appear to be just as they were before. This was in Windows XP, though I can't imagine it would behave much differently in Vista or newer.

I suspect most people complaining about this simply didn't bother to read the dialogue box at first run, and chose 'yes' at that point. I suppose making the buttons clearer than yes or no could help with that. For example, they could be marked something along the lines of "Associate Files" and "Don't Associate Files".

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